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Water Breaks must be given for the health, safety and welfare of both players and the referee team. Learn More. Additional Info.

Remaining calm is essential when dealing with problem parents, players or parents. For additional tips click on Dealing With Problem Coaches, Players and Parents. It is a must read!

All new referees must read Advice for New Referees. Here are some helpful tips and advice for you as a new referee.

Guide To Procedures (2010/2011 Edition), Advice to Referee on the Laws of the Game (2010/2011 Edition) and Administration Handbook (2010/2011 Edition) are all excellent references.

If an A/R observes misconduct associated with a foul that a referee does not see you must raise your flags and waive it to get the referees attention. Make eye contact with referee and advice either a yellow card by placing the free hand over the badge on the left jersey pocket or a red card by placing the free hand on the back pocket of the shorts. Communication is the key.

Coaches ID Badges, Game Reports and North Texas Rosters - Each coach who coaches a recreational team must visibly display their Coaches ID Badge at ever game. Coaches should submit their age appropriate Game Report to the referee before each game and have a current North Texas Roster with them at every game. Learn more.

All coaching will be confined to an area of a minimum of three feet away from the touch line and fifty percent of the length of the field on one side of the midfield line. They must remain on the players side of the field and cannot cross the midfield line.

Field Lighting - If at any time the lights do not come on or they turn off too early, it is the responsibility of the CFBSA teams to contact the personnel at the concession stand immediately. Concession stand personnel are responsible to contact league officials.

No metal hair clips are allowed in the hair as well as no ear rings, no ear/nose/cheek studs, and no lip/knee rings. This includes no Band-Aids covering them. This includes players as well as referees.

No wrist bracelets, "Armstrong" bands, etc. may be worn.

Be in proper uniform and have the proper equipment at all times.

Report to the field 30 minutes prior to your 1st game. Inform the assignor in advance, if at all possible, if unable to make your assigned games or if you are running late. It is also the primary responsibility of the center referee to notify the assignor before the game begins if another referee is running late or is not at the field. However, any referee can inform the assignor if someone is late or not at the field.

Your email address and other important information is correct and on file.

When you issue a card, you are required to submit a Misconduct Report.

CFBSA allows a 10 minute delay (U5-U10) and 15 minute delay (U11-U19) to start a game if a team(s) does not have enough players to start play at scheduled game time. Learn more.

Whistle is a tool of communication and not merely a convenient signaling device. Learn more.

Referee Program

Why become a CFBSA Referee? Whatever your reason is to become a referee, CFBSA is committed to providing the most knowledgeable, skilled and trained officials in North Texas. CFBSA recruits its own referees and assistant referees beginning at the age 12, both females and males.

All our referees are licensed by the United States Soccer Federation and each referee goes through a thorough training program under the auspices of North Texas State Soccer Association. CFBSA also has an excellent in house training program lead by a group of dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic referees. The mission of these volunteers is to provide additional education, support and training. Meetings and work shops, as well as a strong Field Marshal Program, Zero Tolerance Policy and Scholarship Program continue to fuel our Referee Program.

In the future we hope to implement some new and exciting programs supported by additional incentives. Our easy to navigate and excellent designed web site is another tool to keeps our referees informed of the current happenings and changes in the futbol world.

Clinics/ Meetings/ Recertification

Grade 8 Referee Clinic - July 25, 2015 - Learn more.

Date: Saturday, July 25th, 2015
Location: CFBSA Soccer Office (SE corner of Josey & Jackson)
2150 N. Josey Lane, Suite 204, Carrollton TX 75006

Referee Meeting - August 17, 2015 - Learn more.

Date: Monday, August 17th, 2015
Time: 6:30-8:30
Location: Pecan Room at Farmers Branch Recreation Center


North Texas State Soccer Association Referee Home Page

How To Become a Referee

Age Requirements & Clinic Fees

North Texas State Soccer Association

Referees Not Registered in Previous Years

Pay Policy

Referee Pay Policy (updated 07/08/15) - Learn more.

W-9 IRS Form

Steps to Referee at CFBSA

There are three easy steps to referee at CFBSA. - Learn more.

Senior Scholarship Program

The Carrollton-Farmers Branch Soccer Association annually awards a number of scholarships to deserving seniors within our local community. We are looking for individuals who have contributed to the success of CFBSA. - Learn more.

Field Marshals

The Referee Field Marshal Program was developed to make matches safe and enjoyable for referees, players, coaches and the spectators. The program also provides education, training and support for all our referees. - Learn more.


Susan Terry, our Assignor, has purchased an online web base referee assigning program. To officiate in CFBSA you must contact Susan Terry . She will provide you with instructions and invite codes to the assignment program,

Referee in Excellence Award Program

This award recognizes our most outstanding and brightest young referees who are actively involved in officiating recreational soccer matches, who display laudable qualities of character and ability, and with whom peers and younger players identify as role models. Learn more. Nomination form. Word.doc or Adobe.pdf.

Recipients: Spring 2012 | Fall 2011

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